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Proved Technology

We offer technologies with solid proofs of deliverability. We do not just make claims first, and we do not make empty claims period. Our technologies are deliverable as a variety of hardware verified IP, each functionally proven. Every feature or functionality that we claim, we can guarantee to deliver and to prove with hands-on demonstrations.

Our innovative core technologies will offer decisive advantages to your design needs.

 Ready to retire ATE? Declare independence from the presently complex and multileveled testing regime with our Total-Self-Test Solution (TSTS): AMBIST.
 Counterfeit electronic components is a growing threat to hardworking EE, and devalues the painstakingly designed IP. Our Chip Authentication Technology (CAT) offers a sound solution to counter the wicked chip counterfeitings. Please hear our Counter Chip Counterfeit (C3-x-feit) proposals. We think it is possible to counter chip counterfeitings.
 Our Secure Remote Keyless Entry (SRKE) design is ready to take the security and the reliability of RKE technology to the next level with security strength of over 128 bits, 384-bit key, immaculately clean crypto solution with absolutely no need to transmit clear text information over the air, and many more advances over past technologies.
White Papers
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 "Counterfeit components remains a huge electronics supply chain problem" - 2009-3-3 by Rob Spiegel, EDN Contributing Editor