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Secure Remote Keyless Entry (SRKE)
Early RKE crypto technologies had long been stranded by fundamental limitations in the intricate crypto solutions and algorithms that hampered their robustness and relability; the securities were also unavoidably weak, due to many natural constraints in hardware resource limits. SRKE is based on SEA, a unique crypto algorithm that can generate signature and cipher integrally with virtual-random characteristics. This makes SRKE a much more robust and reliable technology compared to past technologies. SRKE has no need to use clear text data in transmission, to cross-check and verify the deciphered codes. SRKE is not counter based, thus, no counter synchronization issue is present; and with no need to rewrite the NVM regularly, any compromising factors to product life and durability were also eliminated conveniently. Above factors plus the highly efficient computation, the power consumption can also be quite minimal. SRKE is a highly suitable and needed solution for the present day RKE and RFID security implementations.
SRKE Features:
 Over 128-bit security strength.
 Large 384-bit key.
 Multi-Identity access.
 Bidirectional and unidirectional support.
SRKE Advantages:
 Clean none-intricate solution.
 No compromise to NVM endurance.
 None counter based, no sync issues.
 Zero clear text in authentication phase.
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