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 Chip Authentication Technology (CAT)

Most industry experts acknowledge that electronic components counterfeiting is a growing threat to IP rights these days. CAT is a defensive technology for the good guys where previously no defense against chip counterfeitings had even been attempted in the IC industry. IC industry today clearly has as much need to protect the IP as the software industry has always been.

CAT offers a cryptography based method to counter chip counterfeitings. By using our unique crypto algorithm - SEA - that tightly couples and generates cipher and signature integrally, and giving the ciphers and the signatures OTP-like characteristics, our solution is highly robust and tidy.

CAT offers a mean to identify counterfeit chips definitively, and can be a decisive advantage in enforcing IP right protection policies.

 CAT Features:
 Only a single crypto algorithm.
 Integral cipher and signature.
 Virtual-random characteristics.
 Large key length.
 CAT Advantages:
 Simple and reliable.
 Robust and compact.
 Strong security.
 A pioneer solution.
 Additional Information
Licensing contact: ip@yflelite.com
Information contact: info@yflelite.com

You can also view the white paper here.

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