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Large database of the Secure Access Code (SAC) samples generated by the SRKE device (in the bidirectional UTCC mode), and including a script to check for collisions. The SAC were generated at fixed time intervals for one identical Command Code and using one single key.
SRKE in unidirectional mode
Video showing the SAC transmitted by RCU when the SRKE system is setup to operate in unidirectional mode.
SRKE in bidirectional mode
Video showing the VSU and RCU signals when the SRKE system operates in bidirectional mode.
Demo of SAC pattern changes
Video to show the fine quality randomness of the SAC which can be observed on an oscilloscope connected to the demo system. Fine quality randomness pattern changes on the Manchester coded RCU tx signal can be observed with each activation of the device (with identical Command Code transmitted each time of course).