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Advanced communications security and TSTS on-chip self-test technologies, information now online.

Press Release 8 April 2009

Our website at http://www.yflelite.com is now online. Please visit our site for more information about our pioneering TSTS technologies, Counter Chip Counterfeit technologies, and communication security technologies.

Cost of testing a chip varies between different products, but it is often a major portion of the production cost nonetheless. Most chips still rely heavily on ATE for the testing, the cost of which depends on the amount of test time needed for a particular chip; more complex designs and more thorough tests invariably drives the test cost up. ATE driven tests are also significantly constrained by performance of the ATE and natural limitations of the test rigging, most chips can only be tested at slow test speed which is significantly lower than the actual designed operating speed.Our TSTS technologies are ready to change the way IC are tested today, and could even make obsolete the expensive and sophisticated ATE of the present day. Please click here to read more about our AMBIST technology.

The problem of counterfeit electronic components have been very well portrayed by the Electronic Business Contributing Editor Rob Spiegel in the "Counterfeit components remains a huge electronics supply chain problem" on 3/3/2009:

"Most industry experts claim the problem is escalating and note that while the federal government and several industry associations have taken measures to limit counterfeiting, it continues to plague the electronics supply chain." - Rob Spiegel

Counterfeiting of electronic components is a growing threat to legitimate IP owners in the electronics industry today. Globalization of manufacturing has driven prices down, but has also advanced the means and tools for much more sophisticated counterfeiting than the world could ever imagine before. Reusing e-wastes is already an unnecessary and a rather outdated way of counterfeiting electronic parts. It is much easier to profit from production overage than to earn the OEM or ODM margins the hard way. It is probably just as easy to transfer entire design and layouts to other similarly equipped facilities at less legally constrained places, and reap even heftier profits for even less risks. Counterfeiters of the electronics industry are so much more resourceful and smarter than any mafia the history has ever seen. Today's chips can literally be copied; just like how softwares used to be - and still are - so vulnerable to piracies. There should be no reason why protections shall not be implemented to protect chips' IP. So, perhaps, time has come for the electronics industry to learn a lesson from the software industries in making an effort in protecting the IP; solutions for countering chip counterfeitings may have become a necessity in the world today. Our Chip Authentication Technology (CAT) offers an effective solution to counter chip counterfeitings. Please cleck here to read more about this technology.

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