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 Accelerated Memory-Built-In-Self-Test (AMBIST)

AMBIST is a highlight technology of our Total-Self-Test Solutions (TSTS). Most IC products still rely heavily on ATE for testings, which often requires complex multileveled cooperation between many different disciplines or companies; the later case is certainly more common since few design companies today also invest in the own ATE, the cost is simply too high. AMBIST technology gives an IC the ability to test itself almost fully autonomously.

AMBIST tested parts of an IC needs no test vector inputs from ATE, nor does it have to send all the test response data back to the ATE for verification. AMBIST can generate unlimited number of virtually-random test patterns on-chip and compresses all test response data to a highly reliable short signature for verification of the test result. Thus, AMBIST based chips do not require most the expensive and sophisticated capabilities of the contemporary ATE.

AMBIST can help to reduce test costs by reducing the complex present day test hierarchy; and can offer IC designers an easy mean to test the designs at-speed, improving the test quality.

 AMBIST Features:
 Fully autonomous testing on-chip.
 High quality virtually-random test patterns.
 High quality test response compression.
 Reliable test result signature.
 AMBIST Advantages:
 Requires no sophisticated conventional ATE.
 More control of test cost to originator of IC.
 Simplified testing process and cost.
 Generally better test quality at lower cost.
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