YFL elite Co., Ltd.

When best designs demand elite solutions.

Innovative solutions for fully automated on-chip IC testing and communications security. Technologies with solid proofs of deliverability. We are here to provide elite solutions your design needs.
Press Release
2009-04-01 - EDN
2009-03-11 - EE Times
We offer   elite technologies    powered by innovations   + passion for design and engineering.

Always driven to create best solutions for your security and IC testing requirements.

Feature Technology
Accelerated Memory-Built-In-Self-Test (AMBIST)

Chip Authentication Technology (CAT)

Secure Remote Keyless Entry (SRKE)

Our present resources is small but highly focused and capable. We are capable of providing front-end design services and can also administer full chip design up to production. However, at the present time, we do prefer to focus our resources at projects that are reciprocal to our core technologies or IP. We also provide licensing for our technologies and IP.

Our core technologies are pioneering solutions in each its fields. The TSTS technologies can change the way IC are tested today, and makes obsolete the expensive and sophisticated ATE of the present day. The CAT is the first specialized Counter Chip Counterfeit technology of its kind in the IC industry. And the communication security technologies - including the SRKE - offer immaculately clean and robust crypto solution to any security implementation requiring most reliable and efficient solutions.